The Cortes Community Forest is now Operational!

May 15, 2015 at 12:30 am

After many weeks of preparations and hard work, the Cortes Community
Forest began operations in the Larsens Meadow area on Friday May 8, 2015.
Operations got underway with clearing and upgrading of the existing logging
road followed by replacement of a collapsed bridge over a fish bearing creek.
In the coming days there will also be a short section of new road built to
access one of the blocks.

All of the clearing along the existing roads and for the new section of road
is being done by a team of three certified fallers, and an excavation contractor.
Now that the road is opened, falling is getting underway in the individual
blocks and is expected to last approximately three weeks.

Once the falling is completed, the logs will be forwarded to roadside and
transported by truck either to local mills who are purchasing some of the logs,
or to the log dump in the Gorge Harbor to be sold to buyers in other areas.

All of the work is being done by a mix of contractors from Cortes Island,
Quadra Island and Vancouver Island. As the licensee, the Cortes
Foresty General Partnership (CFGP) is very grateful to all the contractors
who are working on making this a safe and successful initial harvest.

For more information, please visit the new CFGP website at

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