Operations Update May 19

May 19, 2015 at 3:32 pm

The community forest has been operational for a week and half and things are going well.  Road construction and upgrading is nearing completion and falling is nearly completed in blocks LAR 4 and 5. There is still approximately five weeks of falling, yarding, and hauling before operations are wrapped up in the Larsen’s Meadow area.

Once all the saw logs have been hauled out the Partnership will be making firewood available to the community, both for individuals, as well as for firewood contractors. At this point, the board is still working on formulating a system for making firewood available to island residents. If anyone has any ideas regarding firewood they would like to share please contact any of the directors by phone or email. Items such as how much firewood to make available and at what price are still under discussion, and the Partnership is committed to exploring a range of options to see what works best for the community.

In other news, the CCFC would like to thank Hubert Havelar who has recently stepped down as a director of the board. Hubert has been a director with the CCFC since February 2012, and the board would like to wish him all the best in his next adventures.

Given that the CCFC will not be having it’s AGM until sometime in the fall this leaves a vacancy on the seven member board. In light of this situation the board has appointed Georgina Silby on an interim basis to fill the director’s post that was vacated by Hubert.

The board has also appointed Mielle Chandler as treasurer of the board. Mielle takes over this position from Bruce Ellingsen who left the board at the last AGM, but had agreed to carry on in the role of treasurer until a replacement was found to take on the treasurer role.

The CCFC board would like say thank you and welcome to Georgina and Mielle.

You can read the minutes of the April 12 CCFC board meeting here: CCFC Minutes 2015.04.12

On May 5, the CCFC had a meet and greet with the two UBC forestry interns who are working in the Community Forest this summer. Bruce Ellingnsen joined the group for a lively and informative discussion of the history of the community forest project on Cortes and vision of the future. The minutes of the May 5 meeting are available here: CCFC Minutes 2015.05.05

There have also been some questions about finance, profit sharing, and repayment of CCFC investment shares. A this point the Partnership plans to retain all revenue less costs from the first harvest in order to get the business on a solid financial footing. Until now the Partnership has had very little financial scope for planning beyond this first harvest and the directors agree that building an operating reserve and contingency fund are the first priority.

As for its share of the profit, the CCFC board recognizes that developing of a comprehensive policy framework around how it’s 50% share of future profits disbursed is a priority in the coming months. On that note, repayment of investment shares will clearly be one of the first financial obligations for the CCFC once it has begun to receive revenue from operations. If all goes well, the board expects to start receiving some revenue in the form of profits from harvesting sometime in the next 1-3 years.

All of that said, this is the first harvest in the history of the Cortes Community Forest, and the partnership is working collaboratively to figure out how things should work – ultimately this is our community project and it’s open to input from all all community members. The more people with good ideas come forward to share and discuss them, the more successful and dynamic the Cortes Community Forest will be. On that note please do not hesitate to contact any of directors with ideas or questions.

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The Cortes Community Forest is now Operational! Potential 2016 Projects


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